Super Team

Due to new deal made by our governing body, accommodation sites are no longer able to publish any special deals or rates that are less than what you would get on a booking site such as expedia,, airbnb, agoda etc.

As most of these sites charge a substantial booking fee to the accommodation houses, it is generally covered by having higher prices on the booking sites than their own sites, so people can book direct and save. The new deal brokered no longer makes this an option. But you can still save! When you book your accommodation from now on - be sure to send an email direct or contact direct via phone 07 4684 5138 - avoid using booking buttons or online booking sites to ensure you get the best deals!!!





Exterior Views


Chalets nestled throughout the bushlands


Chalets can accomodate couples or families


Short working distance to the homestead


Pool and Spa overlooking natural spring